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Day 34/365

One Boy’s Death Moves State to Action to Prevent Others

losol / Foter / CC BY-ND NY Times – The death of one young boy from sepsis might cause lawmakers to change the New York State regulations forcing hospitals to look for sepsis sooner as a preventative measure. Click on this link to view full article

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Welcome to the USA

Resource: American Institute of Homeopathy

Loving Earth / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA Established in 1844, the AIH is the oldest, extant, national professional medical organization in the United States. According to the website, it is a trade association of medical and osteopathic physicians, dentists, advanced practice nurses and physician assistants dedicated to the practice, promotion and improvement of homeopathic medicine. The […]

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The Stethoscope

A Check on Physicals

Alex E. Proimos / Foter / CC BY-NC NY Times – Studies suggest that for seemingly healthy people, annual exams provide no benefit and can actually do harm by raising false flags or prompting unnecessary follow-ups. Click on this link to view full article

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An Aneurysmal Bone Cyst of Rather Long Duration

Overtreatment is Taking a Harmful Toll

bc the path / Foter / CC BY-NC NY Times – Too many scans, tests, and other procedures are costing our health care system large quantities of money and are having negative effects on patients, including pain, suffering, and death. Click on this link to view full article

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Testing Standard Medical Practices

Bill David Brooks / Foter / CC BY-SA NY Times – We don’t always know what works in medicine, but we are willing to pay money for it anyway. The author of the article thinks critically about what needs to happen in order to change this. Click on this link to view full article  

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Drug for Adults Is Popular as Children’s Remedy

Smallbrainfield / Foter / CC BY-NC NY Times – Parents and doctors are concerned about the effects of Miralax, an adult laxative that has become a long-term solution for childhood constipation since its introduction 13 years ago. Click on this link to view full article

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Image from page 27 of "Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation" (1920)

Osteoporosis: Its Time to Stop Screening and Treating Healthy Women

Internet Archive Book Images / Foter / No known copyright restrictions National Women’s Health Network – An opinion article on how the FDA should limit bisphosphonate (Fosamax, Actonel, etc.) use to five years, and that clinicians should stop prescribing these drugs to healthy adults based solely on the result of a bone mineral density (BMD) […]

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Meds (322 / 365)

Popular Antibiotic May Raise Risk of Sudden Death

somegeekintn / Foter / CC BY NY Times – New research shows that the commonly used antibiotic, azithromycin, may increase the probability of sudden death for adults, and those with heart disease are especially at risk. Click on this link to view full article

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