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Dear Patient,

I hope this finds you and your family to be well, and I hope that you are enjoying the long summer days.

My staff and I have updated our website and we are excited about the new changes. Our blog is now integrated into the website, and I will continue to periodically add articles with commentaries that I believe are informative and relevant to your health options.

You can find my website at Please feel free to share it with family, friends, and acquaintances.

One article that will be posted later this week on our blog will discuss a new and more successful approach to chronic insomnia. Last year, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) declared insufficient sleep to be a public health epidemic, with a significant impact on the nation’s health.

The other article will discuss the unfortunate rise in the widespread infection that is Clostridium difficile. C. difficile infections have tripled in the last decade, are linked to at least 14,000 American deaths each year, and are not declining. In March of this year, the CDC declared that the overuse of antibiotics is fueling a national C. difficile epidemic.

For more articles and commentaries or to subscribe, please visit my blog at

Due to the website redesign, please note that even if you have “followed” my blog in the past, you must sign up again. To do so, please visit the blog here and enter your email address in the box under “Follow Our Blog!” on the right hand side of the webpage. Then click the “Follow” button directly beneath the email box. You will then receive an email asking you to confirm your blog subscription. Click the link in the email and you will complete your blog subscription. **Please note: the email from WordPress may go to your spam folder, especially if you are using Gmail. Please make sure to check your spam folders when subscribing.**

That is the news for now. I wish you all a wonderful summer that is happy, healthy, and restful. I look forward to hearing some great summer stories when I see you in the fall.

Warmest always,

Dr. Rebecca Elmaleh

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