Wide Use of Antibiotics Allows C. Diff to Flourish

red5standingby / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND NY Times — Jacob Epstein, a healthy 88-year old resident of Florida, died in May following a fracture of his arm. He was given an antibiotic in the hospital after his procedure which led to an intestinal infection that caused his death. The antibiotics given by the hospital interrupted […]

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The Evidence Points to a Better Way to Fight Insomnia

Alyssa L. Miller / Foter / CC BY NY Times — As this article points out, insomnia symptoms affect about a third of adults, and many of them go untreated. Insomnia can negatively impact a person’s work and personal life, as the author of the article, Austin Frakt, notes when describing falling asleep while reading […]

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Summer 2015 News from Dr. Elmaleh

Ben124. / Foter / CC BY Dear Patient, I hope this finds you and your family to be well, and I hope that you are enjoying the long summer days. My staff and I have updated our website and we are excited about the new changes. Our blog is now integrated into the website, and […]

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