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D.T., JD
Mar 2015
Anxiety & Sleep Disorders, Menopausal Symptoms, Thyroid Dysfunction

I first came to Dr. Elmaleh in early 2010 because of severe anxiety and sleep disorder due to menopause and life circumstances. At the time, I was taking medication for high cholesterol and for asthma. Dr. Elmaleh reviewed my blood work and concluded that I was over-medicated. She found that my cholesterol was not problematic and took me off Lipitor. The steroids I was on for my mild asthma were wreaking havoc on my system. She took me off of those as well. She treated me with a combination of homeopathic remedies that resolved my anxiety, enabled me to sleep well, kept my asthma in check and brought me back to a sense of physical and emotional balance. She also took on the treatment of my hypothyroid condition. She is trained in endocrinology and has expertly managed my Hashimoto's Thyroiditis over these many years. Anyone who has experienced a thyroid condition understands how debilitating the symptoms can be when one's thyroid levels are off. Extreme fatigue, depression, hair loss, and a sense of despair are not uncommon. Maintaining the right level of medication is crucial to my well-being. Dr. Elmaleh regularly tests my blood for this and prescribes conventional medicine to treat it. She knows when homeopathy will work, and when medicine is required. Dr. Elmaleh has also introduced homeopathy to the care of cold symptoms. She has me on a regimen of remedies to keep up my resistance to the flu and other winter viruses and these are most effective. Dr. Elmaleh is a phenomenally skilled and talented physician and diagnostician who uses a combination of homeopathic and conventional treatments to ensure her patients' good health. She treats the total person… body, mind, spirit. She is caring, concerned, and always available. I have referred many friends to her and she has brought them solutions to complicated medical issues. I am grateful to have found Dr. Elmaleh. She is unique in her dedication to my care and to that of all her patients.

Mar 2015
Eczema, Asthma, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Insomnia, Pediatric Care

I met Dr. Elmaleh 10 years ago when I brought my 4 year old to see her for chronic eczema. Under her care, he successfully beat the 80% chance he had been given of developing asthma and was essentially weaned from topical steroids. Over the years she has treated both of my children and me for a wide range of symptoms, including allergies, chronic ear infections, strep throat, bone fracture, GERD, anxiety and insomnia, to name only a few. She has a rare ability to combine her deep knowledge of homeopathy with an impressively solid background in more traditional western family medicine. Her interpretations of lab results and medical reports are thorough and thoughtful, consistently more so than those of other doctors. To this she adds great empathy for her patients and perseverance in solving even the most perplexing conditions. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Mar 2015
Asthma, General Wellness

I initially sought out Dr. Elmaleh's medical assistance when I had been suffering for nearly two years of debilitating asthma-like symptoms that had not responded to conventional treatment. At that time I felt a combination of a homeopathic and a more "conventional" approach might lead to a successful outcome and it did. Thanks to the guidance and approach of strengthening and correcting my overall health provided by Dr. Elmaleh, I now only use my inhaler as needed and very rarely, rather than on a daily basis, as I used to. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Elmaleh's, I have had great success with her help in addressing other medical issues as they arise.

As a child I was raised as on homeopathy. I have long felt that its ability, under a good diagnostician like Dr. Elmaleh, can bring the body into balance and allow it to heal and fight illness. I came back to it as I got older and began having various symptoms that indicated a weakened immune system that conventional medicine would not, and frankly could not, address. It took me a long time to find a homeopathic doctor that I liked and who I felt was thorough and well informed about current medicine. I also like the fact that Dr. Elmaleh has studied and practices family medicine.

I strongly recommend both Dr. Elmaleh and homeopathic medicine for other individuals who are having difficult medical issues and who want to improve their overall health and sense of well-being. My own experience over the last 9 years is that with Dr. Elmaleh's help, I have been working to get to the root of my symptoms, rather than taking medicine that just act as a band aid. I not only feel better, but I feel more knowledgeable about my body and my health.

Mar 2015
Parasites, Failure to Thrive, Scoliosis

We first came to Dr. Elmaleh at the suggestion of another doctor two and a half years ago. My daughter was having health issues stemming from having contracted a parasite and the subsequent adverse reaction to being given a very strong medication. My daughter was first seen by Dr. Elmaleh and shortly thereafter I became a patient as well.

My daughter was diagnosed with failure to thrive and the results of a bone age test determined that her bone growth was three years behind. Prior to coming to Dr. Elmaleh we had been going to the pediatric group that had cared for my three daughters. When her growth came into question, we were sent to an endocrinologist. Time and again we were encouraged to use growth hormones to hasten my daughter's growth. I was always adamant against the use of growth hormones.

My daughter and I were both discouraged with doctors, hospitals and Western medication. For more than twenty years, I personally had been utilizing more natural remedies because I am also extremely sensitive to medication side effects. Being referred to Dr. Elmaleh has been life changing.

My daughter's response to homeopathy was immediately successful with no adverse effects. A whole host of issues have been addressed and are being resolved. I am elated that my daughter has been growing consistently for the last two years and many serious anxiety issues have been conquered.

Dr. Elmaleh takes a very personal interest in our own unique issues. The amount of time she spent initially on assessing our situation was unlike anything we've ever experienced. Subsequent follow up appointments, email and phone calls have been just as thorough and thoughtful. Regardless of her very busy schedule, a member of Dr. Elmaleh's very capable management team is always available and responds promptly to any of our inquiries.

At this point, we continue with the homeopathic treatment because, as a family, it has been the least invasive and most effective. Without any doubt or reservation, I have wholeheartedly recommended Dr. Elmaleh to acquaintances, who were also very impressed with her kind and capable methods.

Feb 2015
Cold and Flu Symptoms, Emotional Well-Being, Pediatric Care

For almost six years now, my two children and I have been patients of Dr. Rebecca Elmaleh. Dr. Elmaleh provides me tremendous peace of mind as a mother because I know that we have such a knowledgeable, intelligent and dedicated doctor who is able to treat my family's needs with holistic and thoroughly effective methods. Constant colds and flu symptoms used to plague me year round. I am now almost never sick, and I attribute it to her remedies and holistic techniques. If I do catch a cold it relieves itself within a day or two. Going beyond standard physical issues she also has gentle, effective, non-toxic ways of treating emotional issues and even helped with my son's learning difficulties. I always benefit from her deep wisdom, insight and compassion. I feel that I have an ally in this sometimes toxic world of ours.

P.L., JD
Feb 2015
Dermatological Care, General Wellness

Honestly, I don’t recall who referred me to Dr. Elmaleh, but it is unfortunate because I would like very much to thank them. I first consulted Dr. Elmaleh for recurrent skin abscesses. I had been prescribed antibiotics many times and was becoming concerned about the amount of antibiotics I was taking and, even more importantly, about the recurrent nature of the condition.

During the years that I have been seeing Dr. Elmaleh, she has prescribed homeopathic remedies that I believe have helped more than traditional medicine would have helped. I should point out that I have no issues with traditional medicine, but I do believe that in this instance the homeopathic remedies were much more beneficial. I have been free of any abscesses for a couple of years now, and in fact, I have not had any health issues since treating with Dr. Elmaleh. I credit her treatment for my health; both for the lack of abscesses and the fact that I have not had so much as a cold in the recent past.

It is difficult to put into words the trust and respect I hold for Dr. Elmaleh. She is kind, caring, interested in her patients, and passionate about what she does. She is straight forward and willing to acknowledge that perhaps a more traditional approach might be more appropriate in a given situation. Her competency is not in question, and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering this path. As a matter of fact, I do recommend her to my friends on a daily basis.

Feb 2015
Stress, General Wellness, Menopause, Depression

My initial appointment to see Dr. Elmaleh was for my then 3-year-old son's recurring ear infections, as I had heard that Dr. Elmaleh does great work with children. By the time we were ready to see her, we had made the decision to get tubes put in his ears, but I kept the appointment and thought about some ailments that I could use help for—stress being the obvious one. Since my first appointment nearly 4 years ago, I regularly visit with Dr. Elmaleh every 3 to 4 months. She has been a godsend and I have recommended her to friends who all sing her praises and truly believe she is a miracle worker because she has offered natural remedies and relief for lifelong struggles with depression, for example. She regularly helps me with a variety of physical and emotional issues that can range from hot flashes to anxiety to back aches. I truly look forward to my visits and have just decided that my 7-year-old son is ready to be the beneficiary of her services, as well.

S.T., PhD
Feb 2015
Joint Pain, Emotional Well-Being, Dry Eyes, Palpitations

I am a firm believer in homeopathy and I started seeing Dr. Rebecca Elmaleh about 17 years ago when my previous homeopath moved out of NY.

I can't really remember what I initially started seeing Dr. Elmaleh for, but she has helped me with many things over the years. They include joint pain, low moods, and most recently she has helped me enormously with chronic dry eyes and heart palpitations. The remedies she has prescribed have helped me tremendously.

She is truly amazing in her unique approach to each issue that I bring to her, and I think she is brilliant, as well as being very warm and kind.

Feb 2014
Recurrent Sinusitis and Bronchitis

I had been struggling with the same recurrent respiratory (sinusitis and bronchitis) problems until I found the EXCEPTIONAL Dr. E! My whole medical mindset went from having to be reactive to the onset of illness to a much less stressful pro-active maintenance so that my symptoms never had the chance to get out of control. I could not be happier to have found such a caring, knowledgeable and uplifting doctor.

Kathleen Turner, Actor- film and stage
Jan 2014
Rheumatoid Arthritis and Bronchitis

I started homeopathic treatment with Dr. Elmaleh in March of 2013. I had had a recurrence of Rheumatoid Arthritis and wanted to find a way to avoid future flare-ups. I have been on several medications, some quite severe, for years. At first, I was simply willing to try any non-threatening treatment that might help. I enjoyed meeting Dr. Elmaleh and was intrigued by her questions and approach to my illness. After a few months and another two meetings with the doctor I started to feel an overall sense of wellness and balance, both physical and mental. I will absolutely continue homeopathic treatment as I am now convinced it has a positive effect on my quality of living.

Jan 2014
Chronic Ear Infections, Chronic Sinusitis, Recurrent Strep Throat, Asthma, Eczema, Crohn’s Colitis

Dr. Elmaleh is the doctor you dream of. My children and I have been patients of Dr. Elmaleh for 19 years. She is intelligent and sensitive and strives to keep you healthy, using homeopathy and alternative treatments, as well as recommending western medicine and diagnostics as needed. She is a wealth of information and keeps abreast of research.

We have had a range of problems and chronic or puzzling conditions that have been contained or eliminated by Dr. Elmaleh's treatments, including recurring vomiting, recurring strep throat, asthma, recurring ear infections, eczema, anxiety and many more ailments. My recurring sinus infections have not appeared in over 15 years nor have I had the flu since I started seeing Dr. Elmaleh 19 years ago.

Dr. Elmaleh treats the whole person and I cannot imagine how my family would have survived without her as the family physician.

Jan 2014
Acute Childhood Asthma, Allergies, Pediatric Care

14 years ago, I took my 4 year old son to Dr. Elmaleh desperate to find him some relief from acute asthma and endless food & environmental allergies. Prior to that, for about a year after the initial onset, we had worked with his pediatrician and specialists in the field of pulmonary diseases. We tried just about all conventional treatments available and were frustrated to discover that while their treatment successfully provided relief during attacks, it was temporary, and did not get to the root cause of his asthma. It distressed me to fill my son with all kinds of high doses of steroid based medicine and other very harsh concoctions that negatively affected his mood and personality. With all the readily available literature on side effects of steroids, I could hardly imagine what might be happening inside his frail, 3-year-old body.

At this point, we met Dr. Elmaleh and she made a huge difference in our life for which we will be forever grateful. Within a month of starting her treatment, the frequency of my son's attacks began to diminish and within a year they were an occasional occurrence! His allergies also improved dramatically and he started eating his favorite foods like pizza and pasta again. A semblance of normalcy entered his life. Not only did homeopathy eventually go to the core to remove the cause, it also helped control symptoms as and when they arose. Dr. Elmaleh closely monitored his symptoms and returned every call promptly. With laser-like precision, she asked questions to tweak and adjust doses based on his specific condition during the attacks. The natural homeopathic medications she prescribed were easy to take and finely titrated to exactly match his unique needs. We slowly weaned my son off the much dreaded/irritating nebulizer from a few times a day to as needed and then, going years without it till we gave the nebulizer away. We began to increasingly rely on homeopathy because there were no visible side effects on his demeanor either—just tremendous improvement and an overall sense of well-being.

To this day, my son, who is now at college, has enormous faith in Dr. Elmaleh and continues to see her to maintain his general well-being. He has deep trust in Dr. Elmaleh because, not only did she help him breathe easy, she also saved him from the repeated use of the nebulizer and the abhorred needle of the monthly allergy shots. Meanwhile, I have consulted with her for my own concerns and when my daughter turned 3, I brought her to Dr. Elmaleh to treat her preventively for asthma and allergies, as they run in our family. My daughter, almost 15 now, continues to see Dr. Elmaleh regularly and never developed asthma or severe allergies. With her MD and degree in homeopathy, Dr. Elmaleh is a uniquely talented and knowledgeable physician who offers an alternative approach to finding relief, often when modern medicine cannot. My children visit and speak to her as if she was an extended member of the family and I would recommend her repeatedly (as I have in the past) in a heartbeat. Our family is lucky to have her in our life.

Dr. L.
Jan 2014
General Wellness, Fatigue, Cancer Treatment Support

An exceptional doctor! Dr. Elmaleh is an outstanding physician who also practices homeopathy -- not at all ordinary in NYC or in the United States. She's very knowledgeable and caring and since I started to see her about 2 years ago, my physical and emotional well-being has improved greatly. I, myself, am in the health field and can vouch for her superiority as an experienced and caring doctor!

Jan 2014
General Wellness, Family Health

My family has been patients of Dr. Elmaleh for nearly 15 years. We have sought her advice and medical care for various conditions and have always gotten very practical, helpful and healing advice. Her combination of medical, homeopathic and human experience brings a sense of well-being on many levels. She is realistic about what works, what is best done through conventional medicine as well as the support and therapies available through many other methods. I have recommended her to numerous friends who have also experienced similar success and healing.

Jan 2014
Migraines, Menopause, Depression, Bronchiectasis

About 25 years ago, I experienced migraine headaches that debilitated me. My primary physician and the neurologist he recommended were not helpful in resolving the condition.

After further investigation, I decided to try homeopathy and Dr. Elmaleh was recommended. My first meeting with her lasted an hour. Her questions went from the general to the specific as she determined the cause of my headaches. Over the next few months taking the remedies that she prescribed, my headaches ceased and I’ve not suffered from then since then.

Over the years, Dr. Elmaleh successfully treated me for menopause, depression and lung issues. She’s always thorough and attentive; a very good listener. And she’s kind and supportive. She looks for the best solutions for me and will even recommend another practitioner for a specific problem if she thinks it’s necessary. I have every confidence in her treatment and highly recommend her as a knowledgeable and effective health care practitioner.

Jan 2014
Women’s Health, Cancer Treatment Support, Complicated Pregnancy, Mood Disorder

Dr. Elmaleh has been my homeopathic physician for over 25 years. She has helped me manage two complicated pregnancies, cancer, menopause and other health challenges. Dr. Elmaleh's approach is to spend a great deal of time and effort understanding me as a whole, pulling together the various areas that have impacted my health. At each meeting she carefully and compassionately focuses on the physical, psychological, social, emotional and vocational experiences contributing to my overall health at the time. Dr. Elmaleh's thoughtful and thorough approach has been a significant factor in maintaining my health.

Kim and Daniel
Jan 2014
Anxiety, Stress Management, PMS, Childhood Asthma and Allergies

I started taking my son Daniel to Dr. Elmaleh when he was 4 or 5 years old (he is now 11 years old) to try to find ways to control allergies and asthma and get him off traditional medicines like Nasonex and Claritin, and avoid steroids/nebulizers. Within a year we were successful and have been using homeopathic remedies since. Even our allergist M.D. was impressed with the results.

I also started seeing Dr. Elmaleh for anxiety and sleeplessness and other age-related symptoms. The additional understanding she has of our family is helpful in treatment. Dr. Elmaleh is always available by email and /or phone for emergencies. I highly encourage all my friends and many acquaintances to see her and give homeopathic treatment a chance.

Mar 2012
Chronic Hives, Pediatric Care, Family Health, Childhood Anxiety, Introduction to Homeopathy with Kids

I first came to Dr. Elmaleh 8 years ago, when my daughter was an infant and I was seeking a more gentle way to treat childhood ailments than conventional medicine could offer. I was so impressed with how quickly her symptoms were eased and how effective this natural form of medicine was at fortifying and maintaining her good health that I began to see Dr. Elmaleh for my own physical and emotional well being, and that of my husband and young son.

I have found that our family has not suffered from seasonal flus and many common childhood ailments such as earaches in the way that others around us have. I haven't personally had the flu since I have been seeing her, and the children have bounced back quickly from the relatively few occasions where they have been waylaid by viruses. In each instance I have followed the curative remedies prescribed by Dr. Elmaleh and the children have found relief almost instantly. We have a disposition towards seasonal allergies, but following Dr. Elmaleh's remedies consistently brings relief. I am now able to comfortably survive allergy season without turning to the over-the-counter medicines that I once relied upon. Likewise, my daughter's chronic hives were cured by Dr. Elmaleh's homeopathic prescription.

In addition to the many benefits homeopathy has given us for physical complaints, it has supported us emotionally. The children love her and feel comfortable confiding in her. Most recently, when my son began school and suffered from separation anxiety, Dr. Elmaleh's advice helped him tremendously, I really don't know what we would have done without her help.

Dr.Elmaleh works in synergy with our holistically minded conventional pediatrician and my general practitioner. When we have had to turn to conventional treatment (broken bone, childhood hernia, surgery arising from a benign growth, herniated disc, Lyme disease) she has been an excellent resource for finding exceptional physicians to help us. In each case Dr. Elmaleh has provided guidance and homeopathic medicines to ensure a speedy and complete recovery and she has always taken the time to follow-up with me to make certain that all is well.

Dr. Elmaleh has a gift for listening and asks the in-depth questions that are necessary for successful homeopathic treatment with intelligence, and compassion. She conducts a thorough and considered consultation, using conventional tools such as blood work when necessary, alongside her homeopathic and medical questioning. I feel that this provides us with the best of both worlds.

Her humor and wisdom have provided me with a rarely found level of support and comfort that I am extremely grateful for, as I care for my family. I consider her to be an integral part of keeping us healthy and happy.

Thomas S.
Mar 2012
Parkinson’s Disease, Seasonal Allergies

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease almost ten years ago. My first doctor was very pessimistic and I became quite depressed about my future, seeing a world of severely limited opportunities. I went to Dr. Rebecca Elmaleh on the recommendation of a friend. Not knowing much about homeopathy – but open-minded and encouraged by the fact that Dr. Elmaleh was both a homeopathic and a medical doctor (she had her M.D. license on the wall and even used a stethoscope in our first meeting), she explained to me the possibilities for treatment. She was encouraging but didn’t sugarcoat things. She spent nearly 90 minutes with me in that first session nearly a decade ago, and since then I’ve seen her every three to four months as she monitors my progress. And though I initially felt a little odd taking those little round remedies, they seem to work. I also see a movement specialist (another M.D. who specializes in P.D.), take yoga in private sessions, and go to physical therapy once a week, but I have to feel that Dr. Elmaleh’s treatment has played a big role in the stability of my P.D. (knock on wood). No, I won’t win any dance contests – still, I’m not ready for a wheelchair either. I’m very active writing, making films, and performing live comedy. Two facts: I had a limp, which went away, and my lifelong seasonal allergies disappeared. For that, and much more, thank you, Dr. Elmaleh.

S.C.G., PhD
Feb 2012
Chronic Hives, Migraines, Anxiety

Dr. Elmaleh's help has been incalculable. I first started seeing her a few years ago because I had chronic hives for over one year all over my body, which she helped cure within a few months. I continued seeing her because she cared about all my health needs in way no traditional doctor had cared before. Traditional doctors specialize. Dr. Elmaleh wanted to know about my headaches, my feelings, the pain in my knee, my daily life. She recommended supplements and homeopathic remedies for my migraines. They have since decreased dramatically. But what impressed me most is that she gave me remedies for some of my most challenging feelings. For instance, one time I happened to mention my struggles with the feeling of envy--I mentioned this in passing. Dr. Elmaleh stopped me, asked me about my history of envy, and then recommended a homeopathic remedy to ease it. Much as I respected her, I found this dubious to say the least, and I had no expectation that the remedy would work, but I got it anyway, added it to my traditional supplements and forgot about it. About 3 weeks later I found myself thinking, "Hmmm. I feel different. I feel better. What has changed? Oh, I feel less envious of such and such a person. I wonder how that happened. Hmmm. Oh my God, was it the remedy?" I am now convinced it was. I cannot recommend Dr. Elmaleh highly enough. She listens carefully, cares deeply, and offers true and enduring medical and homeopathic solutions. I am a happier and healthier person thanks to her.

Feb 2012
Pregnancy, Ear Infections, Pediatric Care

I have been using homeopathic treatment whenever my body needed it for the last 15 years. I used homeopathy to treat chronic sinusitis, yearly flu, and chronic headaches. When we arrived in New York, Dr. Elmaleh was strongly recommended to me by friends.

I have seen Dr. Elmaleh for my toddler daughter and for myself for the last 18 months. I like her holistic approach; she wouldn't hesitate to combine her treatments with other therapies (acupuncture, osteopathy…). Dr. Elmaleh is very resourceful and keeps her files updated. One of the best examples is my daughter's tendency last year to have chronic middle ear infections: they were all treated with homeopathic remedies and this year she had none as Dr. Elmaleh follows my daughter all year round. I am myself followed for my pregnancy. I can't recommend Dr. Elmaleh enough to friends and their children.

Jan 2012
Family Health (infants to teenagers), Preparation for Delivery and Post Partum Recovery, Undetected Lyme Disease, Menopause

I first came to see Dr. Rebecca Elmaleh 18 years ago when I was pregnant with my first daughter. My husband and I had chosen to deliver our firstborn with the assistance of a midwife in a birthing room at St. Vincent's Hospital. I was not struggling with any particular medical issues when I sought the advice of Dr. Elmaleh, but was drawn to her practice because I wanted my daughter to have the very best. From what I had heard, her approach was unique from other allopathic doctors and I was impressed by the fact that despite being trained and licensed as an MD herself, Dr. Elmaleh chose to treat her patients naturally with homeopathic medicine when applicable.

At my first appointment, I was struck with her candor, her direct questions in that heavy French accent, and her extreme intelligence. She was like no other doctor l had encountered. She was focused and absorbed in trying to uncover my inner workings and to balance them. She had questions, lots of questions, and she was interested in what I had to say about my health. I was impressed! Dr. Elmaleh coached me from the start, helping me to navigate the new phenomenon I encountered -- the 2 ½ months of nausea that set in after my 5th week of pregnancy, the mandatory naps, the sensitive bladder, the mood swings and food cravings followed by the final month of insomnia. She encouraged me to become empowered by reading an introductory book on homeopathy and to identify my feelings, my inner workings. She taught me to articulate my symptoms and responses to her so in turn she could treat them. I learned the names of exotic sounding remedies which were effective in making me feel better. In fact, I was astounded by my new found energy and clarity. I became knowledgeable of the remedies to take when exposed to another's cold or another's flu and what was needed when I felt run down and susceptible to illness. Dr. Elmaleh empowered me with the ability to control my own health and state of being. I was involved and responsible for my own health.

I learned to treat my baby with this same knowledge. If a fever or cough developed, I knew what to give her. Dr. Elmaleh had prescribed the "well" remedies for her and the ones when she was sick. Throughout her 17 years of life, she has had only one strep throat and only once was she required to take an antibiotic, which Dr. Elmaleh demanded I administer because the illness had developed to a point where the usual prescription was needed. I cannot count the amount of times on my fingers or toes that she was one of the few in her class who somehow always remained well. I learned to dodge everything -- from the head lice infection in the class to the common cold.

My second daughter was born 2 years later. Again, Dr. Elmaleh was there to see us through with minor inconveniences like diaper rash to a debilitating bout with undetected Lyme tick disease. When the family returned home from a family trip one summer, my younger daughter could not stand up from her seat when the plane landed. I rushed her to the hospital where it was suggested she be admitted to The Hospital for Joint Diseases. Tests were run for three days and the doctors suspected some rare form of a joint infection, before Dr. Elmaleh adamantly protested and asked, "Have they tested her for Lyme disease?" The test was run and it was determined that she had Lyme tick disease. With Dr. Elmaleh's diagnosis came the healing of our daughter and the weeks of administered amoxicillin. She was again helpful in prescribing homeopathic medicines to counter the strong effect of the necessary antibiotic and to restore her immune system to its earlier state.

Our youngest is now a young teenager and has never received an antibiotic again. Just as her sister, she has her "well" remedies and we know the drill for the "sick" ones. We are navigating the teenage years and we have remedies for anxiety, we have remedies for restless nights and daily remedies to keep her healthy despite the demands of school and extracurricular.

I cannot say enough good things about the positive effects of homeopathy on my family. Because of Dr. Elmaleh's efforts, my daughters have both matured to be healthy, confident, young women. Through the years, Dr. Elmaleh has been there to answer any and all of my questions. She has returned my calls promptly for the simplest of questions and has been there to advise me, be it regarding vaccines, menstrual cycles, mood swings, illness, trips to the emergency room, chicken pox or sleeplessness. She has recommended the best of the best medical specialists, physical therapists, craniosacral osteopaths, therapists specializing in teens, etc. Dr. Elmaleh casts a wide net and has access to an incredible network of capable people who have enhanced our lives. Recently she suggested a fabulous writing tutor for my younger daughter who joins our family on and off during complicated assignments. Household peace has never been better (no mommy-daughter screaming matches)!

On top of all this, Dr. Elmaleh has kept me going strong, from the young mother of 18 years ago to the graceful 53 year old who has weathered menopause and conquered the days of hot flashes, sleepless nights and memory loss. I look forward to my continued relationship with Dr. Elmaleh and my continued use of homeopathic medicines. I am certain that my daughters will continue on the same path with their children and I hope that anyone reading this will consider meeting and working with Dr. Elmaleh. Her involvement will change your life.

Jan 2012
Menopause, Sinusitis

About a year ago, I had been complaining to a girlfriend about my symptoms from menopause and she recommended I see Dr. Elmaleh, who has been treating her and her children for years. Dr. Elmaleh not only listened to me for 2 hours she asked question after question to truly understand why I was feeling so lousy. Even though I went for one ailment, she has helped me with so many other things. Eureka!! Finally feeling so good!! Having Dr. Elmaleh as my partner in healthcare is the best gift I could give myself.

Dec 2011
General Wellness, Menopause, Chronic Lyme Disease, Respiratory Illness

Dr. Rebecca Elmaleh is one in a million--the REAL DEAL--an "old school" family doctor who combines the latest medical research with her unique blend of "M.D." and homeopathic training. She takes the time to really get to know her patients and to understand them as people rather than merely a list of medical symptoms. She formulates a diagnosis and treatment plan that is unique to each situation.

Dr. Elmaleh has been my doctor since 2002 and has helped me through major symptoms of menopause, allergies, and chronic respiratory illnesses. I have continued to see Dr. Elmaleh because I am convinced that homeopathy is the way to stay healthy and to practice preventative medicine.

Recently, she accurately diagnosed advanced chronic Lyme disease as I protested that it was merely symptoms of aging. Her insistence on my need for specific medical treatment, boosted by homeopathic remedies, resulted in the reversal of all of my symptoms! I can only say, "Call today!" You'll be glad you did!

L. Aloma
Nov 2011
General Wellness (over 20 years), Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Menopause

I have been a patient of Dr. Elmaleh's for 20 years. Her treatment method has helped me through many difficult medical issues that had not found success anywhere else.

Over the years I have remained a believer in homeopathic medicine and I would absolutely recommend Dr. Elmaleh to anyone who is interested in learning about his or her whole "self" in the healing process. She is a compassionate and caring doctor with extraordinary instincts.

Jun 2010
Autoimmune Arthritis

I am a male and in my late 40’s I was having increasing pain in my feet, hands, ankles and wrists. It was preventing me from doing the things I loved, such as swimming, biking, playing tennis and practicing yoga. Sometimes my feet hurt so badly, I couldn’t even walk.

After seeing just about every leading rheumatologist in the New York area, I received a diagnosis of seronegative spondarthritis, a form of autoimmune arthritis. I tried one type of medication that, while relatively benign, did not seem to be giving me relief. My next option was to begin treatment with Methotrexate, a drug with serious and not infrequent side effects.

Upon the recommendation of a friend, I went to see Dr. Elmaleh. She put me on a regimen of homeopathic medicines, fish oil vitamins and other natural supplements. Nearly immediately, I was back to doing all the things I love and for nearly two years now, I am able to do so without any of the pain I was experiencing and I feel great.

May 2010
Family Health (over 10 years), Anxiety, Post-Surgical Recovery

Dr. Elmaleh is the best family doctor I know. She has a breadth and depth of medical knowledge that surpasses any doctor I have ever met. She is always up to date on scientific and medical research and medications. For the past 10 years I have relied upon her insight, judgment and knowledge in caring for myself and my family.

I was not new to homeopathy when I met Dr Rebecca Elmaleh. While living in Europe I had a doctor, also a homeopath and trained MD, who prescribed remedies for my infertility and allergies. My real success with homeopathy (two children!) lead me to seek similar treatment here in NYC for me and my family. After working with two other homeopaths, I was referred to Dr Elmaleh by my osteopath. And I am so glad!

With homeopathic remedies she has helped my family with everything from anxiety to post-surgical recoveries. Our appointments are always thorough and my list of issues is always addressed with consideration and patience. I look to Dr. Elmaleh for guidance on all medical issues and I have relied on her wisdom for 10 years. I highly recommend her as a person and a doctor as well as her approach to homeopathy.

May 2010
Chronic Sinusitis, Pet and Seasonal Allergies, IBS/Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

I began seeing Dr. Elmaleh several years ago after visiting an ear, nose, and throat specialist who suggested I have surgery. I had problems with sinus infections several months prior to my visit and suffered from allergies during the fall season my entire life. Dr Elmaleh’s treatments helped to clear up the infection and nearly eliminated my allergy symptoms when I encountered subsequent fall seasons. I also suffered from pet allergies which created problems when I would visit friends and family, sometimes limiting my stay to only half an hour before I would be so uncomfortable that I would have to leave. However, since I've been under Dr. Elmaleh's care, I have been able to spend entire weekends with friends and family who have pets without a problem. She has also helped me with other medical issues, including stomach ailments and she has been able to reduce my reactions to stress.

I find her to be extremely patient, warm and caring, a rarity among medical professionals in this day and age. I highly recommend her for her holistic approach to patient care and her in depth knowledge of homeopathic treatments to resolve medical issues without the need for surgery or strong chemical based medicines.

Anat M.
May 2010
Family Health (over 18 years), Chronic Urinary Tract Infections, Ovarian Cysts

Upon the recommendation of a friend, I went to see Dr. Elmaleh. She put me on a regimen of homeopathic medicines, fish oil vitamins and other natural supplements. Nearly immediately, I was back to doing all the things I love and for nearly two years now, I am able to do so without any of the pain I was experiencing and I feel great.

18 years ago when I got married, I began to suffer from re occurring urinary tract infection. After long months of suffering and endless antibiotic treatments, the urologist informed me I would have to take antibiotic for the rest of my life: either a full dose once a month as a treatment or a pill, nightly for prevention. This was pretty devastating for me.

With a heavy heart, I began my search for some other solutions. I am severely allergic to most antibiotics and sensitive to many other medications and knew that this would not be an easy task. A good friend who learned about my problem referred me to Dr. Elmaleh who had been a great help to her. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first but decided that I have nothing to lose.

18 years later and I feel so blessed to have known Dr. Elmaleh. She is highly intelligent, compassionate and dedicated. Over the years, she has treated my husband and three children successfully in various conditions like: sinus infections, ovarian cysts, allergies, stress as well as other issues, and of course my chronic urinary tract infections.

For someone like me who is very health conscious and sensitive to many standard medications, to be treated for illnesses with safe and effective remedies is all one could ask for.

Sharon O.
Apr 2010
General Wellness (over 18 years), Herpes

It is not possible to say enough positive things about Dr. Rebecca Elmaleh.

She is a brilliant and highly intuitive physician - with a heightened sense of responsibility to cure her patients, and to care for and about them.

I have been her patient for 18 years. She has seen me through medical and well-being crises, including one which threatened my life. Never hesitant to recommend traditional medical scientific treatments and methods when they can improve, Dr. Elmaleh's insight and knowledge help to prevent serious illness from developing.

Your care with Dr. Elmaleh is tailored to you, built on her exceptional listening skills and her brilliant diagnostics.

As I said, it's not possible to say enough good things…

Mar 2010
Family Health, Childhood Eczema, Pediatric Care

I first went to Dr. Elmaleh because my 8 month old son was suffering from terrible eczema that was covering about 75% of his body. I had taken him to our pediatrician and a pediatric allergist who both prescribed very strong steroid creams as well as a strong oral anti-histamine twice a day to help control the itching. I wasn't comfortable with this treatment plan which had inherent dangers and was only treating the symptoms and not the underlying cause. Dr. Elmaleh helped get his eczema under control within 3 months. Almost immediately I stopped needing the anti-histamine and his skin cleared up a lot. Today, about 1 year later, his skin is almost perfect! Additionally, Dr. Elmaleh has treated his colds and other ailments homeopathically and he has never needed antibiotics unlike my 2 older children who often were treated with antibiotics at very young ages for things such as ear infections. My other children and husband are also now patients of Dr. Elmaleh and we are all healthier for it!

D.D.M., MD
Jun 2009
Allergic Asthma, Pet Allergies

As an academic physician, a practitioner of Western medicine, and a data-driven clinical researcher, I was understandably skeptical about the role homeopathy would play in healing the allergic asthma symptoms and the frequent respiratory infections that were seriously affecting my health and well being after moving to New York. However, the greater fear of potential lifelong dependency on asthma medication led me to Dr. Rebecca Elmaleh.

As I embarked on a trial of homeopathic remedies, the nature and action of which I poorly understood even as an MD, my leap of faith was bolstered by Dr. Elmaleh’s confident professionalism and her unique blend of medical expertise in both Western medicine and homeopathy.

Fourteen years later (and older), I have healthy lungs without chronic medication and am still living with the beautiful feline companion that I never had to give up to regain my health. And Dr. Elmaleh continues to guide me, as well as the friends, patients and co-workers whom I have referred to her over the years, on individual healing paths that include homeopathic approaches to health and wellness. One of these days, I’ll better understand how the remedies work; but for now I’m happy to be their grateful beneficiary.

Alice H.
Jun 2009
Asthma, Cancer

In 1998, frustrated by failed attempts to wean myself from an asthma inhaler, I turned to Dr. Elmaleh. Using homeopathy and a holistic approach to patient care, she successfully helped me to become inhaler-free!

My confidence in her skills and command of homeopathy only continues to grow. My biggest medical challenge came when I was diagnosed in 2002 with a virulent cancer. In addition to my oncology team, Dr. Elmaleh steadfastly worked with me. Today I am thrilled to report that I have no signs of cancer.

Jun 2009
Pediatric Care, Family Health, Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, Allergies

Three years ago Dr. Elmaleh was highly recommended to me by both my Family Physician and Osteopathic physician. I was looking to find a Homeopath with an MD background to give me a complex and deep way of supporting my recovery from a severe brain injury. Over the years, Dr. Elmaleh has been the main source of reference to my other doctors who used her complex insight she gained in continuously seeing me, talking with me, and treating me, to better evaluate their own findings and treatments. Dr. Elmaleh's great strength to think outside the box and her persistence in searching for answers for physical and mental healing is unique. Her firm belief in Homeopathic medicines to help the body to heal from the inside but always keeping all other options in mind and at hand, makes her an indispensable addition to my recovery. Dr. Elmaleh has also been treating our children from infant age on and she has a wide range of experience and wonderful patience. By always keeping the entire family in mind when treating any family member, she gains a more complex insight and therefore her diagnosis and treatments have always been effective as well as preventive. And her eagerness to cooperate with other Doctors, Specialists and our Pediatrician in times of crisis has been a unique quality.

Lynn S. and Geoffrey M.
Jun 2009
Family Health, Chronic Lyme Disease, Rickettsial Infection

We came to Dr. Rebecca Elmaleh in 1994 when our son had chronic ear infections since birth. He was 8 years old and antibiotics were no longer working. He is now 23 years old and has been entirely free of otitis media. Dr. Elmaleh has also successfully treated his late diagnosed case of Lyme disease that had persisted well beyond multiple antibiotic treatments.

We both have also seen Dr. Elmaleh as patients, the diagnosis were Lyme, Brill's disease, Rickettsial infections and others.

We are both now clear of disease and continue regular homeopathic care.

Our respect and appreciation for Dr. Rebecca Elmaleh goes beyond any words.

NG, Speech Language Pathologist
May 2009
Pediatric Care, Family Health, Allergies, Respiratory Illness

Dr. Elmaleh is a loving, nurturing and caring physician who makes herself available to us at all times and truly has Jake’s best interest at heart. My 5.5 year old son, Jake, has been under her care since before he was born. The conditions that he has successfully been treated for since birth are the following: upper respiratory infections, ear aches, seasonal allergies, digestive tract ailments, vaccine ill effects, flu, colic, sensory motor dysfunction and distractibility to name a few. Although my trusted pediatrician advises me utilizing traditional medicine, Jake has only taken one to five doses of prescribed medicine. Homeopathy has successfully cured or shortened the duration of most of these above mentioned ailments. Jake has been prescribed, but has not needed to take: Nasonyx, Zantac, Tamiflu, Proventil, Bioxin, Veramyst and Amoxicillin, to name a few, and instead has done well each time with homeopathic medicines.

May 2009
Childhood Illnesses, Autism Spectrum Disorder

My daughter has benefited enormously from Dr. Elmaleh’s homeopathic treatments over the years; she was diagnosed as a 2 year old child with severe language delays, attention issues and serious emotional and developmental delays. The homeopathic medicines and careful monitoring of her progress and behavior have been uniquely helpful in reversing both physical and emotional imbalances. It has allowed her to become the thriving ten year old child that she is today.

In a similar way, my son’s treatments were able to eradicate the chronic colds and croupy coughs that he used to experience for months at a time.

May 2009
Shingles, Hemorrhoids, General Wellness (over 20 years), Insomnia, Eczema, Sinusitis, Scars, Hay Fever

I came to Dr Elmaleh in 1992, for treatment of chronic conditions, specifically hayfever, eczema and general fatigue. Previously, I had gone to allopathic dermatologists and allergists every month since the age of 12, and could only survive with heavy doses of antihistamines and cortisone ointments – treatments that addressed my symptoms, but not the root cause of the conditions. Predictably, as soon as I stopped the medications, my symptoms returned.

The body is a system of very intricate mechanisms that are designed to be in perfect balance. Dr. Elmaleh took a holistic approach to understand my “system” in order to drill down to the root cause of my health issues. She prescribed homeopathic remedies which addressed my immediate symptoms by addressing the causes of my imbalance. For the first time in over 30 years, I was free of hayfever episodes and the patches of eczema that had covered my body since childhood!

I credit Dr. Elmaleh with having seen my family and I through multiple surgical procedures and having resolved such issues as allergies, eczema, PMS, menstrual irregularity, ovulation cessation, sinusitis, migraines, anxiety/stress minimization, hemorrhoids, immune system fortification, asthma, shingles, scar management, skin discoloration and insomnia.

Dr. Elmaleh is a highly skilled diagnostician, and is truly an advocate for one’s health. She balances homeopathic treatment with the requirements for allopathic care (e.g. antibiotics for infections, operative procedures, annual physicals) to assist each patient in enjoying optimal health. Each patient is a person, and she remembers the details of your life as a participant in your life. Her treatment is indispensible.

May 2009
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Menopause, Anxiety, Insomnia, Allergies

My husband and I began seeing Dr. Elmaleh in 2002 because we were dissatisfied with other doctors who spent minimal time with patients, and focused only on addressing illness rather than on maintaining long-term health and wellness. Over the years, we've remained thrilled with Dr. Elmaleh's combination of medical insight and homeopathic treatment. Besides keeping us largely illness-free through general constitutional support and effective regimens for avoiding winter colds and flu, she has helped each of us with a range of specific complaints through homeopathy, all successfully. These have included near-immediate relief of what had been longterm, chronic indigestion and GERD; hot flashes and perimenopausal symptoms; excessive stress; arthritis pain; and spring allergies. She has also helped greatly with overall medical advice and referrals.

Dr. Elmaleh's professional manner, her warmth and compassion, and her deep understanding of what makes a well person (physically, emotionally and socially) are second to none. Her office staff are capable, helpful and a pleasure to work with. This collaboration with has added greatly to our quality of life. We're so glad we found her.

K.K., JD, PhD, MSW
Apr 2009
Allergies and Asthma

Before I came to see Dr. Elmaleh, I struggled with allergies and asthma. I was taking three different medications daily, year round, to keep my symptoms under control. Under the care of Dr. Elmaleh, I have been off ALL prescription medication for more than 2 years. My asthma is completely under control, and the past few allergy seasons have passed with little need for a box of Kleenex, let alone a box of Claritin! Dr. Elmaleh is a caring doctor, who spends time listening to her patients. I have been treated by many doctors, but with Dr. Elmaleh I feel heard and healed.

Apr 2009
Meniere’s Disease, Menopause, Vertigo, Family Health

I first saw Dr. Elmaleh nearly 15 years ago because I was suffering from Meniere’s disease for two years. I had lost most of my hearing in both ears and I was having severe vertigo episodes. I had seen my general internist and three different hearing specialists. I tried various prescription medications, nutritional diets, and supplements, but nothing helped.

Homeopathic treatment has certainly improved my condition. Within a month of being treated by Dr. Elmaleh, my hearing stabilized and I have not had a vertigo attack since. Not only has my Meniere’s Disease been in complete remission for 15 years, but my migraine headaches, allergies, and anxiety have also been reduced.

Dr. Elmaleh is a caring person and genuinely wants to help her patients. When I see Dr. Elmaleh , she not only asks about my Meniere’s disease, but also other medical issues that come up. This year, Dr. Elmaleh has successfully treated my menopausal symptoms. My son and daughter are also her patients.

Apr 2009
Recurrent Ear Infections, Chronic Hives, Allergies

I originally sought Dr. Elmaleh's help for my daughter, Isabel, who was two years old and had been very sickly with ear infections and colds. Within a month of being treated by Dr. Elmaleh, Isabel's health improved dramatically. She is now a healthier child with the normal susceptibility to colds which she recovers from completely and quickly. I would absolutely recommend homeopathy to other parents as it is so easy to administer to children (sweet crunchy remedies) and my daughter responded to it so quickly.

My husband recently began to suffer allergies. He broke out in hives daily, his face, lips and tongue became swollen, and he felt a tightness and pain in his chest. An allergist, who was unable to find a cause, prescribed many medications. This treatment gave him uncomfortable heart palpitations. After about four weeks of treatment with Dr. Elmaleh, he had no more allergic reactions and was able to stop taking anti-histamines.

Maria W.
Apr 2009
Severe Adult Asthma, Facial Granuloma

Twelve years ago, I went from being relatively healthy to not being able to breathe. I had developed adult onset asthma quite severely. A few years later I also developed facial granuloma, a rare skin disease. I saw many doctors, all of whom tried to help me, but were not successful. I finally saw Dr. Elmaleh who is a medical doctor as well as a homeopath. She understood the medications I was taking and which ones were making me sicker. To me this meant that she was really seeing the whole picture, while my specialists were only looking at part of my problem. Within days of my first appointment with Dr. Elmaleh, I felt different. Things that previously sent me into a severe asthma attack now sent me into a milder attack and I no longer had to take large doses of steroids. In the three years that I have seen her, I have been taken off many western drugs that were not helping me. My breathing is better than it has been in over a decade and my skin condition has drastically improved.