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The family physician is concerned with the complete health care of the individual and/or family. Such a doctor is trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of ailments in patients of all ages. The family physician receives a broad range of training, including adult medicine, care of the aged and children, women's health, maternity care, preventive medicine, psychosocial medicine, and behavioral science. The practice of a family physician combines the biological and clinical with the behavioral sciences to provide continuing and comprehensive health care. It encompasses all ages, sexes, and diseases.

Since both family medicine and homeopathic medicine take into account all of the patient’s symptoms and then review them in light of the patient’s physical, emotional, environmental, and psychosocial life, family medicine complements homeopathic medicine in an ideal way.

Due to her extensive training, knowledge, and experience in both fields, Dr. Elmaleh’s approach integrates both specialties. This results in an understanding and treatment of a patient’s medical condition unparalleled by most conventional and alternative therapies. Very often, Dr. Elmaleh will end up treating most members in the family, giving her even more insight into the dynamics of the illness and the patient’s response to it.

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